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Richie Ramos wrote:

> but there it goes. I don't mind people our age (mental or otherwise) seeing
> this, but when it comes to kids, it's a different story. I suppose that means
> someone like us, who can understand the story, should be there to tell them
> how it works. I don't mean to say that we should not have cartoons like this,
> but there should be some sort of guidance. In other words, education on this
> sort of humor to go with it. On that I think we agree.

I watched those cartoons since I was a little kid. No lectures from my parents
about the relative impossibilities of cartoon physics were necessary. I was not an
idiot, you see. You are condoning the coddling of retards. I say let those
dummies find out for themselves that they can't walk on air just because they
didn't look down. It's slapstick, that's all. And most kids aren't as dumb as our
society thinks, they don't need to be "protected" from cartoons and video games and
scary movies.

> That is too specific a history to look at. we can take a look at how anime
> has been franchised in the states, like Harmony Gold. From there, we can at
> least get a somewhat informed view on how things may turn out, on both extremes.

But that's just a guess, a pointless exercise. The thinking of the day back in the
'60s was that it was a huge risk to sell a car with no cushy options and just a big
motor. The GTO and Road Runner proved that wrong. There was plenty of history to
back up the reasoning but it was still way off. So, I can't really say one way or
the other about FTB's chances since I've never seen a plan like this.


"They could also have included all the Pink's you could eat, an
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 and you'd STILL find a way to complain about work non-stop."

- Crom, on Clu's bemoaning a lost contract opportunity at Disney

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