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Eddie writes,

>Given that stance, you can pretty much rearrange each alternate
>universe Gundam with relation to the U.C. era in any order you like,
>without any rhyme or reason. Hell, let's integrate Macross and Star Wars
>into Gundam while we're at it. As long as enough time has passed, ANYTHING
>is possible, right?

  Absolutely. Or, for a more modest posibility, Tomino could pop up next
year with a scenario that ties Xabungle, Dunbine, and Ideon into Gundam
continuity (hmmm... actually, tying together Gundam X and Xabungle would
be pretty easy). Hey, Michael Moorcock's been doing it for years. :-)

  For now, though, we've just been asked to swallow that all the animated
Gundam shows fit together. Even though the scenario gives us free rein to
reshuffle events in any order, it's more elegant to avoid using this
device as much as possible, eh?

>It just sounded like a lazy and off-the-cuff solution to a problem that
>should have been given more thought. Also when Tomino couldn't have cared
>less on this issue, it's funny to see fans scratching their heads trying to
>make sense of it all.

  Don't be ridiculous. Your precious UC continuity was almost completely
_created_ by "fans scratching their heads trying to make sense of it
all." 90% of the details of the One Year War, Minovsky physics, and all
the other stuff that Sunrise built the Gundam franchise upon were created
by fans filling in the gaps that Tomino explicitly said he wasn't
interested in addressing.

  I've been watching to see if any of the Japanese fans or third-party
publishers are coming up with interesting theories on this score, but so
far I haven't seen anything very impressive. So I figure the field is
wide open for even us foreigners to speculate. It's deeply unlikely that
Sunrise will ever come calling on us to straighten it all out - but
bloody hell, it sure makes a nice change from endless babble about paint
thinners and how sucky American cartoons are!

-- Mark

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