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James Boren asks,

>The Memory of first wind covered only the first 13 eps., Does the
>second one finish the whole series?

  You know, I don't remember. I'll let you know when my copy comes in. :-)

>It is mentioned that the MS with spines-(Rib, Wadd, Flat?, Eagle?)
>are the oldest of the moon race's mecha. So, where in time do they
>fit in? And, btw, did the moon race build any of their own MS or just
>did they just acquire them all as heirlooms and/or dig them up?

  I suspect the latter. Though possibly they design their own new mobile
suits based on this rediscovered technology. Presumably some of the
antiques, like the Sumo, are so advanced as to defy duplication; most of
the Moonrace mobile suits that could plausibly be original creations are
based on the cruder spine technology.

  As for the spines... the only indicator there is that the Eagel,
probably the most ambitous spine-type design, has a cockpit identical to
those used in Gundam X. (Ditto the Gozzo.) So it's possible that the
spine design dates from the later years of the UC/AW era, which I think
would indeed predate FC-derived designs like the Mahirow and Sumo.

>Does the 4leg ever show up in the series?

  Nope, never used.

Chris Maier wonders,

>This brings up an interesting point...are people aware of the Gundams? Zechs
>seems to know the name at least ("So, that was a Gundam!") But this might be
>simply because the alliance was aware of Operation Meteor details, just not
>the nature of the MS except that they were called Gundams and made from
>Gundanium alloy. Hence Zechs not recognizing it right away until he knew
>it's alloy composition.

  That sounds right to me. Clearly they have some idea what's up - they
know the name of Operation Meteor, for example.

> BTW what is the Wing reference in Turn A, apart from the footage?

  Koren Nander apparently has a flashback towards the end in which he
remembers seeing the Wing Zero (Endless Waltz version), which happens to
be Syd Mead's favorite Gundam. :-) Also, when the secrets of the dark
history are revealed, the characters are shown some scenes from Endless
Waltz. I'm not sure whether there's any reference to the Wing TV series,

-- Mark

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