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Chris Maier wrote:

> I think he was also involved with He-man to an extent. There are also some
> homages to some literature in that, too. Now that's one show that didn't
> have Japanese influence. Today it looks like utter crap.

It is crap. The first Masters of the universe toys came out with Little marvel
comics that were cool. He-man was just He-man, a barbarian who appeared to live
in a cave! he wasn't that sissy prince who turned into He-man. I hated the
cartoon, plus skeletor sounded so stupid.

> Mighty Orbots is even more anime than any of the others, since it was
> co-produced by Americans and Japanese, instead of just being animated.

Yeah, I haven't seen it since it was broadcast, so my memory is pretty dim. I
loved that show when I was little though. (not as much as BotP though.)

> the director of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 apparentally helped in the animation
> process of both Thundercats and Silverhawks.

Look at the Newspaper in episode 1 (or mabey two) of the original BGC, Panthro's
picture is on it! There is also a Silverghawks pinball machine in Megazone 23 pt

> Inspector Gadget apparentally is a French/Japanese co-production, and when
> it was imported to America they decided to go with the Maxwell Smart voice.

Figures, he looks a bit Smurfish. ^_^

> Plus, let's not forget that a lot of Warner Bros. cartoons are animated by
> Japanese animators. Specifically Batman Beyond was worked on by the studio
> that animated Macross.

Hmmm... I know TMS (Orguss, Galaxy rangers) did alot of Batman the animated
series episodes. which studio are you thinking of? Several handled the animation
duties on Macross, while Studio Nue produced it.

> In most American/Japanese co-productions, the characters almost always look
> Elfquesty, with semi-big eyes with spock-style eyebrows. Just look at the
> kids in Thundercats and Penny from Inspector Gadget. They sort of looked
> mixed-style.

Agh! I just had a flashback of "The Littles!" Though I hate furries, I've
allways had a soft spot for the Thundercat design work. It's a pretty campy
fantasy show, but I still like it.

---Brett Jensen

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