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I think he was also involved with He-man to an extent. There are also some
homages to some literature in that, too. Now that's one show that didn't
have Japanese influence. Today it looks like utter crap.
 Mighty Orbots is even more anime than any of the others, since it was
co-produced by Americans and Japanese, instead of just being animated. Also,
the director of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 apparentally helped in the animation
process of both Thundercats and Silverhawks.
 Inspector Gadget apparentally is a French/Japanese co-production, and when
it was imported to America they decided to go with the Maxwell Smart voice.
 Plus, let's not forget that a lot of Warner Bros. cartoons are animated by
Japanese animators. Specifically Batman Beyond was worked on by the studio
that animated Macross.
 In most American/Japanese co-productions, the characters almost always look
Elfquesty, with semi-big eyes with spock-style eyebrows. Just look at the
kids in Thundercats and Penny from Inspector Gadget. They sort of looked

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Chris Maier wrote:

> Well, I've always credited the GB cartoons with taking some risks. A lot
> the Real Ghostbusters animation was actually done in Japan, so there are
> some anime-esque techniques in that show, especially lighting effects. It
> was actually quite scary at times, if you were a kid.

As was most every action cartoon in the 80s. Mighty Orbots, (I assume) Gi
Transformers, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Galaxy Rangers, Inspector Gadget,
six, you name it.

The most anime-esque effects in these shows, usually showed up in the
credits. Thundercats and Galaxy rangers had some really sweet FX, and
although a
pretty crumby show, Silver Hawks ripped off so much from Gatchaman, that it
even funny.

And yes the "the Real Ghostbusters" was pretty darn good, Babylon 5
creator, J.
Micheal Straczinski was in some way involved if I'm not mistaken.

---Brett Jensen

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