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Chris Maier wrote:

> Well, I've always credited the GB cartoons with taking some risks. A lot of
> the Real Ghostbusters animation was actually done in Japan, so there are
> some anime-esque techniques in that show, especially lighting effects. It
> was actually quite scary at times, if you were a kid.

As was most every action cartoon in the 80s. Mighty Orbots, (I assume) Gi Joe,
Transformers, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Galaxy Rangers, Inspector Gadget, Bionic
six, you name it.

The most anime-esque effects in these shows, usually showed up in the opening
credits. Thundercats and Galaxy rangers had some really sweet FX, and although a
pretty crumby show, Silver Hawks ripped off so much from Gatchaman, that it aint
even funny.

And yes the "the Real Ghostbusters" was pretty darn good, Babylon 5 creator, J.
Micheal Straczinski was in some way involved if I'm not mistaken.

---Brett Jensen

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