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Well, I've always credited the GB cartoons with taking some risks. A lot of
the Real Ghostbusters animation was actually done in Japan, so there are
some anime-esque techniques in that show, especially lighting effects. It
was actually quite scary at times, if you were a kid.

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Richie Ramos wrote:

> >Exactly my point. I don't really agree with the assertion that U.S.
> >violence is more realistic than anime violence. Heck, when was the last
> >time you saw blood in a U.S. cartoon?
> >Eddie
> Now that I think of it, I haven't really....

Extreme Ghostbusters (which despite the purile name is actually pretty good)
morning. They were parodying RL. Stein's goosebumps books, and Clive
Hellraiser of all things!

Quite a bit of blood on the floor, and implied disfigurement. of course they
away with it by making everything go back to normal once a ghost is
still I was pretty suprised.

---Brett "Honest, it comes on after Roughnecks" Jensen

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