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>in an effort to understand (or just plain dig into)
>the newtype schtick in UC gundam...

>i'm curious -- what are the non-military and
>humane/worldly/goodly/benevolent aspects and uses of

Dunno... yet. Probably while working in space.

Amuro always believed that a Newtypes greatest weapon was the ability to
understand. If the majority of the population were Newtypes, we would
probably have a better society today. The problem is that most Newtypes are
not quite there therefore...

>is newtype anything more than just a
>glorified-deus-ex-machina-plot-device for explaining
>how mechs and weapons are controlled and juicing up
>the already overachieving ace pilots? i'm asking
>because the newtype idea doesn't strike me as anything
>more than a slick plot device (then again, i've only
>watched the gundam movies, 8th MS, 0080, 0083, f91,
>wing and might be missing out on something

Char's Counterattack kinda says a few things about newtypes that may answer
these questions. Also, it's the newtype abilities of the pilots that save
the world in the end.

>i never could like the whole newtype theme in gundam.
>this is partly because i just don't dig x-files esp
>and psychic stuff (psychics and mechs don't mix, for
>me). but also because i haven't yet come across
>anything that tells me just how worldly and wholesome
>"newtype" can be -- other than being tools for war (or
>slaves of the military, depending on your point of

The series's, OVA's and movies only seem to point out the bad side of
Newtypes, when they are used for war. Of course, being able to fell much
less understand the next person should have some positive impact on things.

>isn't newtype supposed to be the "next step" for human
>evolution? empathic abilities that enables a human to
>transcend pettiness and selfishness? but how come,
>several series later (right up to v gundam?), none of
>what newtype is billed to be comes true? how is the
>vision of newtypes handled in z, zz, v (and turn a?)?
>is it ever resolved?

Ask Tomino. If it were ever resolved, then we wouldn't have anymore Gundam
to watch wouldn we?

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