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Best opening:
Sort of a tie between the 0083 songs and Rhythm Emotion. Very energetic, get
you excited for the coming show.
Best Ending:
I'm not a big fan of endings, but I do kind of like the ending music for the
third original Gundam movie, and also 10 years after
Best score/BGM:
Sort of a toss-up between CCA, 0083, 08th MS and a few others. I kind of get
chills during the Wing intro, when we hear that sweeping score with the Wing
pulling back.
Worst Intro music:
I don't like the Victory Gundam songs too much, they sound a little too

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On a more lighthearted note(unless you're really passionate about the
music), let's all speak our mind on the best (and worst) Gundam songs and

My Votes:

Best Intro:
Just Communication - Two Mix - Gundam W

Best Outro:
10 Years After - Yonekura Chihiro - Gundam, the 08th MS Team

Best Score and BGM:
Yoko Kanno - Turn A Gundam

I don't really remember the bad songs, but my vote for worst intro is

Turn A Turn - Saijo Hideki - Turn A Gundam

It's just a little too retro for me..Hey someone told me Saijo sang the
original Gundam 0079 intro, is that true??


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