Fri, 8 Sep 2000 08:25:43 EDT

lemme see what I love and hate....

Best Intros:0083'sWinner and Men of Destiny;Rythmn Emotion of Wing(one of the
few things of the show I still enjoy after having moved onto UC era gundam)Z
Gundam's second opening(it gets me teary eyed,sniff)

Best Ending:08th MS Team.....that's about it...0083's 2nd ending as well

Worst Intro:ZZ ranks up there....hell yeah...

Worst Endings:Ughn....where to begin...for almost every good song on their
soundtrack,there seems to be one bad one to counter it(those Sunrise guys
must value yin and yang alot..). Case in point,Z Gundam's horrible closing
songs. Wing Gundam's equally horrible "Just Love",*shudder*,how the hell
could they go from Two-Mix to this garbage? And 0083's first ending
song?ughn....very Phil Collins-ish,a quality not good in my book.

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