Emery Calame (palaeomerus@excite.com)
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 02:52:38 -0700 (PDT)

I like the massive far-colonization idea and have worked on something
similar myself though I took a more massive scale 15-year-long approach and
tried to involve elements of Macross, Magazone 23II and oddly enough Donner
pass. I figured the main pilot should be a very plain featured odd-tempered
female for a change and maybe a little older than her peers due to being a
late bloomer(maybe 22-24 and trying to hang out with 17 year olds while
going BACK to school or something.)

I think I'll do an outline, and prospectus for a 52 episode series, a three
part OVA( that covers the twenty or so episodes that were cut due to funding
loss... heehee.) and a movie that deals with the aftermath and answers all
the qauestions and gives everbody that retro feeling they crave after a show

I'd set it in a world that could very well be UC (but might not be) along
the same lines as X-Gundam and leave everybody guessing by including suits
really close to but not identical to OYW, GW, F-91 era, and V-gundam era as
leftover second line stuff used by the militia and for non military

I think it would be fun to track all the factions, divisions, and troubles
of a long journey while fighting a mysterious foe of unknown origin that
should make them band together but somehow doesn't because Gundam at it's
best doesn't always show mankind at their proudest moments.

Anyway it coule be pretty great place for GRAND story writing I think.

I wonder if I could break it all down, write episode synopsis, do a cheesy
promo, faux screen captures, production art, and an opening seqeunce with
Animation Master with the cel shaders/cel render on and put it on a
website. Then I'd see how many people are fooled into thinking it's a real
show and get yelled at by sunrise to take it down or else. :) Then I'd
"slightly change" everything just enough to escape prosecution and change
the title.

Or if any odd "hobby people" from Japan/Korea/USA/UK/Canada want my
permission/aid to make garage kits... :) Hey it's a pipe dream but it would
be neat to see your crap in Hobby Japan from one of the big modeling shows
which happened to have a model based on your over-produced fan-fic wouldn't

I'm VERY sleepy. Best to got to bed now.


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