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> Hmm, I just realized that these codes aren't built-in the game...
> you'd need some gizmo like a GameShark or something. Do you know
> what kind of hardware is required to use these codes?

    I take it that you aren't really into gaming... Anyway, Gameshark (or
Pro Action Replay, or PAR, another name for basically the same device) codes
requires Gameshark, of course, and the DC version is pretty expensive
(around $40, I think), especially compare to the PS version (only about
$15). One of the "extra feature" for DC Gameshark is that it will also let
you play "foreign" games on DC, with a few exceptions (mostly those that
switch disk without saving, like D2). The DC version uses a CD, and a
VMU/Puru Puru pack like thing that plugs into the second VMU slot. You put
the CD in, choose the codes, then put the game CD in there. Works just like
the CDX version of PSX Gameshark. Gameshark is a must for gamers that don't
have much time to unlock everything. One word of advice - since there is no
regular "kit" out there that let you get DC Gameshark codes, DC Gameshark
codes are pretty rare, so don't expect to see a lot of codes out there...

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