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>The question has nothing to do with limits. It has to do with your (our, your

>cousins) ability to separate fantasy from reality. I can laugh all day at
>jokes in "Blazing Saddles". Does that mean I hate "chinks" or "niggers"?
>no. But it's hilarious, the situations, the comedic execution, etc. I don't

>take that crap *seriously*, though. If someone takes any of that, TV shows,

>movies, any of it seriously then they're insane and blaming one specific genre
>pointless. I laughed hysterically at the gags in old WB and MGM cartoons.
>do. I'm not off the wall enough to feel guilt because I didn't consider the

>feelings of an animated coyote as he failed, again, to catch a roadrunner.

but there it goes. I don't mind people our age (mental or otherwise) seeing
this, but when it comes to kids, it's a different story. I suppose that means
someone like us, who can understand the story, should be there to tell them
how it works. I don't mean to say that we should not have cartoons like this,
but there should be some sort of guidance. In other words, education on this
sort of humor to go with it. On that I think we agree.

>> And we are talking about Americans and Japanese. That's the whole
>> problem. How do you do something that can satisfy both, or people who are

>> looking for elements of both?

>Do it right. I know that sounds stupid but the great movies have seemed to

>bridge the cultural gap. They are rare. Do a great story, don't worry about

>what the Americans or Japanese will think. If it's well written and executed

>then it will fly.

That I agree is the best way. i just hope it does make money, so that Bandai
will make more.

>> The big question is: What is the probability that For the Barrel, if it

>> will be a mix of both, will be a success or a failure? Given what we've

>> seen of it and knowing how things have turned out historically with
>> projects like these?
>Given what we've seen is meaningless except to bet money on it, like betting
>heads or tails when 50 flips of a coin have randomly come up with 50 heads
in a
>row. That doesn't mean the next one will be heads. They could nail this new

>Gundam series. When, historically, has there been a U.S. Bandai arm? This
>interest in Gundam? An attempt at Tomino's novels that was accurate? Never
>all of the above. You can't predict anything.

That is too specific a history to look at. we can take a look at how anime
has been franchised in the states, like Harmony Gold. From there, we can at
least get a somewhat informed view on how things may turn out, on both extremes.

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