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It sounds cool to me. I always like reading UC fanfics. It's hard to find
'em these days with all the Wing fanfics out there.

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> I'm thinking of starting my own Gundam fanfic archive, and I was wondering
> what everyone out there thinks of this short synopsis of my first story:
> It's 10 years after the V Gundam saga. Every last human being has migrated
> the space colonies. With it's prime objective complete, the Earth
> is disbanded and the Colonial Alliance takes it's place. At the same time,
> hardcore Daikun loyalists and their families that survived the Zabi
> purge and have been hiding out on Europa, return to the Earth System,
> to make a fresh start. However, the CA, afraid that the Daikun loyalists
> might start another revolution, begins a massive hunt-down of the Daikun
> loyalists, who have scattered throughout the colonies. Being hunted down
> again, the loyalists return to Europa, where they had left a revamped
> called Noah, essentially a generation ship, to take them out of the Solar
> System and to search for a new home. As the Noah launches out of the Solar
> System, the CA forms a military expidition to find the Noah and destroy it
> before it can form a new Zeon government and overthrow the CA. And so the
> stage is set for...Exodus Gundam!
> Feel free to make any comments you want.
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