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<< The question has nothing to do with limits. It has to do with your (our,
 cousins) ability to separate fantasy from reality. I can laugh all day at
 jokes in "Blazing Saddles". Does that mean I hate "chinks" or "niggers"?
 no. But it's hilarious, the situations, the comedic execution, etc. I don't
 take that crap *seriously*, though. If someone takes any of that, TV shows,
 movies, any of it seriously then they're insane and blaming one specific
genre is
 pointless. I laughed hysterically at the gags in old WB and MGM cartoons.
 do. I'm not off the wall enough to feel guilt because I didn't consider the
 feelings of an animated coyote as he failed, again, to catch a roadrunner. >>

  Exactly. If one cannot tell reality from fantasy, then they are insane. One
shouldn't blame a media for a person's actions or behaviors. That's why I get
so sick of some in the media and parent's groups blame Video Games for teen
and child violence. It's up to the parent's to see that their kids turn out
right, not the government, not "Child Protection Groups," etc. If a child is
taught at the apporite age, what is real and what is fantasy, the stuff like
Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, will not "warp" a kids mind, if he/she is taught


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