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>just a thought.. in V gundam Minovsky drive of the V gundam2 could
>propel the Ms to fairly high sub-light speed.. prhaps in this UC
>continuatoin further reaserch has developed (depending on how well you
>can juggle the physics and your ability to suspend diselief) either an
>FTL drive or a near FTL drive capable of reaching nearby star systems
>possibly for colinization.. the ship equipped with this could be a
>heavily modified colony cylinder wit extra resources devoted ot
>self-maintenacnce and maintaining a smal defense fleet.. the persecution
>comes from feuding states wanting ot sabotauge this missioin either
>before it leaves the solar system or chase it down with stolen examples
>of the FTL technology to prevent others from folowing their example and
>thus depleating the population basees for each faction thus drastically
>weakening them

Yeah! and then we can have newtypes who can telekinetically move objects
and fire lightning bolts from their hands, and then they'll have beam
sabers shrunk down enough so that a human can use it...and then they make a
big version of the federation called the Republic...oops. I think I just
crossed over into another copyright, LOL!

think about it...

"Luke...I am CHAR! I see you've found yourself to be a Newtype! Oh yes, I
am your father."

"NOOOOOO! My real name is AMURO! And I say you're still to blame for Lalah!"

"WHAT??? You're the one who stabbed her ship!"

<resumes fighting>

The Emperor: "Here we go again..."

heheheheh. sory, just woke up.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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