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> just a thought.. in V gundam Minovsky drive of the V gundam2 could
> propel the Ms to fairly high sub-light speed.. prhaps in this UC
> continuatoin further reaserch has developed (depending on how well you
> can juggle the physics and your ability to suspend diselief) either an
> FTL drive or a near FTL drive capable of reaching nearby star systems
> possibly for colinization.. the ship equipped with this could be a
> heavily modified colony cylinder with extra resources devoted ot
> self-maintenacnce and maintaining a smal defense fleet.. the persecution
> comes from feuding states wanting ot sabotauge this missioin either
> before it leaves the solar system or chase it down with stolen examples
> of the FTL technology to prevent others from folowing their example and
> thus depleating the population basees for each faction thus drastically
> weakening them

The colony-ship would have to be a Minovsky "closed type" cylinder, as the
"sunflower" design of the O'Neill "open type" won't work anywhere outside the
Earth Sphere.

How fast to you intend to accelerate the colony-ship? If you plan to boost at
anything over a tenth of one gravity, the acceleration of the colony-ship along
its line of trajectory will exceed the pseudo-gravity of the rotating cylinder.
Presuming that the colony-ship is accelerating along the axis of rotation, the
result it that the colony-ship turns into a 32-kilometer deep well and
everything inside it falls into the Sunward end. Ouch! If you accelerate it
perpendicular to the axis of rotation, everything in one half of the cylinder
falls into the other half.

The Stanford torus design would make for a better starship.


(page down about eight paragraphs)

You'd have to roof it over and pipe artificial sunlight around the ring, but you
could replace the secondary mirrors with, say, fusion rockets fed by a Bussard
ramscoop and build the interior structures so that they coul be reoriented 90
degrees. When the ring is underway, at a full one gee acceleration, the Sunward
half of the the colony-ship is the floor. When the colony-ship reaches its
destination and goes into orbit, it starts spinning until the outer rim becomes
the floor.

The only way you can have one of these spin-for-gravity colonies continue in
their "normal" orientation is to use a very low acceleration and, even then,
you'll be introducing a Sunward "tilt" or "veer" to everything within.


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