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Joseph Riggs wrote:
> James Gority wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > Quick question, does anybody know of, or has converted any tabletop
> > miniature based games to the Gundam Universe, i.e. something along the
> > lines of BattleTech or Heavy Gear?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Jim G.
> There's a Japanese rule set called Gundam Senki that, from what I've heard,
> uses the exact same rules as Mekton Zeta. You could probably get a copy of the
> rules from Japan, since it hasn't been out that long, but if you can't read
> Japanese, you'd need to have a copy of the Mekton Zeta rules (which are
> currently out of print, and going for $50 or more on e-bay, although R. Tal is
> supposed to have a reprint within the next few months). If you had a copy of
> Mekton Zeta, it would simply be a matter of transferring the numbers from one
> system to the next, with no conversions, or anything of that nature, due to the
> fact that its the same rules set.
> junior

Actually, they aren't exactly the same - Gundam Senki has been converted
over to 2d6 instead of Mekton's 1d10. It does seem a pretty close
translation though. I haven't gone through every detail to see if it
was exactly the same, and I haven't played Mekton in a while so I don't
think I'd notice any minor changes. Anyway, I mostly got it for source
material. Definitely worth having though, for any serious mecha gamer
who can either read Japanese, or has someone who will translate tons of
stuff for you.

        Trevor in California

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