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>I'm thinking of starting my own Gundam fanfic archive, and I was wondering
>what everyone out there thinks of this short synopsis of my first story:

  Two issues I'd point out:

* While the Federation is definitely withering away in V Gundam, it's not
being replaced by a happy collective of friendly colonies. Rather, as the
central government declines, the Sides have fallen to warring among
themselves. You see references to this trend even as early as F91, and by
V Gundam, it's considered business as usual for Side 2 (Zanscare) to
launch a military campaign against Side 1. It's only when Zanscare
attacks Earth that anyone pays attention. They even have a cute name for
this period in UC history - whereas feudal Japan was the "sengoku jidai",
or "age of warring states," the V Gundam era is the "uchu sengoku jidai",
or "space age of warring states."

  In other words: Deeply unlikely that you'd see a colony alliance in the
V Gundam timeframe. As the Federation declines, it's replaced by
squabbling space nations, each with their own armies and weapons.

* Second - I'd humbly suggest that the Zeon thing is pretty much played
out. If latter-day Zeons wanted their own nation, they'd probably
establish one at Side 3.

  However, your scenario does have some great hooks to tie into this era
of UC history. As per Turn A Gundam, eventually the space colonists will
get tired of all this fighting and decide to flee the Solar System and
find a new home. In this case, it's natural that people who plan to
journey further into space would latch onto Daikun's philosophy to give
their outward migration a grand justification (e.g. continuing humanity's
evolution by venturing further into the cosmos).

  In other words: Rather than being Daikun followers who flee the solar
system because they're being persecuted, I suggest your heroes should be
people who adopt Daikun's ideology because they've already decided to
leave the solar system. Rather than a single colonial alliance, they'd be
targeted by countless feuding space nations who see this threat to the
status quo as a greater problem than their ongoing rivalries with each

  Naturally, it's your story and you can set it up however you like.
Maybe you'll find some of these suggestions helpful, though...

-- Mark

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