Thu, 7 Sep 2000 20:27:04 EDT

I'm thinking of starting my own Gundam fanfic archive, and I was wondering
what everyone out there thinks of this short synopsis of my first story:

It's 10 years after the V Gundam saga. Every last human being has migrated to
the space colonies. With it's prime objective complete, the Earth Federation
is disbanded and the Colonial Alliance takes it's place. At the same time,
hardcore Daikun loyalists and their families that survived the Zabi family's
purge and have been hiding out on Europa, return to the Earth System, hoping
to make a fresh start. However, the CA, afraid that the Daikun loyalists
might start another revolution, begins a massive hunt-down of the Daikun
loyalists, who have scattered throughout the colonies. Being hunted down once
again, the loyalists return to Europa, where they had left a revamped colony
called Noah, essentially a generation ship, to take them out of the Solar
System and to search for a new home. As the Noah launches out of the Solar
System, the CA forms a military expidition to find the Noah and destroy it
before it can form a new Zeon government and overthrow the CA. And so the
stage is set for...Exodus Gundam!

Feel free to make any comments you want.

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