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On Thu, 07 Sep 2000 04:21:40 -0700 Brett Jensen <> wrote:

>OK let me clarify one thing. The CG space ships in sol Bianca look good,
>Far better than past shows like lost universe, But the 2D CG blows.

Ok, that I can somewhat agree with.

>Look at the space backgrounds in the beginning... It looks like a bloody
>Super famicon game! The panning is god awful. And I disagree that the
>character animation is better than Blue #6. I think B#6 was very well

Definately agreed about the panning, but I do not think that BS#6 had good integration between its CGI and animation. And the characters' appearances were crappy too.

>I think the new May(o) is a wishy washy Tifa, Rei, insert personalityless
>chara here. Janny is not supposed to be the captain! etc...etc.
>---Brett Jensen

You're kinda right about Mayo...I do prefer the original. But I'm growing to like this one's background (oh yeah, that reminds thing were this version beats out the original...the characters have much more developed personalities and background/histories).

And you mean April isn't supposed to be captain (Feb seemed to be in the original). Although, in some cases, it seemed April also lead the team in the original.


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