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> Surely you must be joking. The only thing worse than the 3D in BS#6,
> is the integration between the 2D and 3D. Don't get me wrong, I think
> the new Sol Bianca sucks hardcore, but the CG in it is so much better
> than BS#6 that I find your statement shocking.

OK let me clarify one thing. The CG space ships in sol Bianca look good,
Far better than past shows like lost universe, But the 2D CG blows.

Look at the space backgrounds in the beginning... It looks like a bloody
Super famicon game! The panning is god awful. And I disagree that the
character animation is better than Blue #6. I think B#6 was very well

I think the new May(o) is a wishy washy Tifa, Rei, insert personalityless
chara here. Janny is not supposed to be the captain! etc...etc.

---Brett Jensen

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