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Doesn't really explain why the colonies were using rip-offs of their old
suits right before the beginning of the AW period, though....

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James Boren writes,

>Am I the only one into Turn-A here?

  It seems you're the only person who's actually watching the show. ;-)
I'd love to, but I don't have any spare time right now... :-(

>-According to Newtype's Sept. insert about SD Gundam G Gen. F...Turn
>A is definitely alternative universe and takes place in C.C. 2345.
>What does C.C. stand for? Maybe Current century?

  Yeah, I noticed that too. I was thinking maybe Cosmo Century...

>-Thumbs up for hobby japan's Turn A Gundam 3d Book. In addition to
>the pics of models it also includes a fair amount of line art,
>character pics, and screen shots.

  Yeah, it's pretty durn sweet. I'm still waiting for my special-ordered
Memory of Second Wind book to finish off my Turn A book selection...

>-Are there 4 Turn-A CDs. I've seen pics of a symphonic Turn-A CD.
>Does anyone know about this?

  All I know is that the cover has some sort of Moonrace emblem, which
I'd love to see rendered in color...

  Now, a few spoiler-esque tidbits gleaned from Mead Gundam and the Hobby
Japan book.


  ...okay, let's go.

  First, as you noted, Mead Gundam is full of great marginal notes about
the design concepts behind the mobile suits. I especially liked the stuff
on the Bandit, which is meant to look like a sort of hired mercenary foot
soldier with an arsenal of sneak-attack and close-combat weaponry.

Now, the Hobby Japan book has some very cool tidbits about the mecha and
the cameos from other series.

* Not only does Moonrace military chief Gim Ginganam mention Kairas Giri
- the supercannon from V Gundam - in one of the later episodes, but the
HJ staff point out that the White Palace on the moon is in fact a
redecorated Squid-class battleship from the same series. Shades of
Desler's palace from the first Yamato series...

* Also much speculation about psycommu and remote-control technology. The
Zusan mobile suits seen towards the end of the series fight as a
threesome, of which only one has a human pilot. The HJ staff speculate
that the other two may be mobile dolls, given their fighting style, but
can't rule out the possibility that they're bit mobile suits controlled
by a Gundam X-style flash system. Since the Turn X is definitely
psycommu-controlled, and freakazoid Merrybell Gadget can control two
Bandits at once, they reckon that newtype abilities are fairly common
among the Moonrace.

* The Mutto isn't just a Bound Doc drawn differently. It's actually
designed for use around the planet Jupiter, with ramjet engines fed by I-
field scoops. Kewl!

* The Mahirow used by Ginganam's forces is more than a thousand years
old. Since it uses a G Gundam-style mobile trace system, this may help us
position G Gundam (and, by extension, nanotech-based mobile suits like
the Turn X, Turn A, Wadom and Bandit) in the unified chronology. More on
this below.

* Note that the MRC model number prefix is no guarantee that a given
mobile suit was actually developed by the modern Moonrace, since they
give the Mutto an MRC prefix when they dig it up. Similarly, Ginganam's
forces slap a "G" prefix on all their discoveries.

* The Bandit's original model number was XM-0754. Hm... a Crossbone
Vanguard connection?

Finally, new thoughts on the chronology.


* The Cannon Irfute and the Willgem are about 2300 years old. These
clearly date from the UC era, circa UC 0120 to 0150. Thus, UC roughly
equals CC.

* The Eagel and Gozzo are apparently from Gundam X's AW era. They're
supposed to be older than the Sumo, which (as a contemporary of the Turn
A) is presumably from G Gundam's FC era. Thus, I'd slot them in between
CC 0000 and CC 1000.

* The Mahirow - hence, the FC era - is more than a thousand years old.
We're also told that Earth's farmers have been working to restore their
land for 1500 years. I'm inclined to tie this latter date in with the
Turn A's nanotech-enabled refurbishing of the planet. Thus, the FC era
and its nanotech wonders date from roughly CC 1000.

* It's tough to place Gundam Wing in this chronology. For reasons I'll
get to in a minute, I think it's easier to draw a connection between
Gundam X and G Gundam if you don't have Gundam Wing in the way. But by
the same token, it's hard to justify the re-emergence and re-
disappearance of civilization during the time between the Turn A's
planetary overhaul and the present day. Hm...

  How do we get from one series to the next? UC to AW is easy - they use
the same space colonies, and there are still newtypes. Now, the Turn X is
a newtype mobile suit created outside the solar system. Since we see UC/
AW-type space colonies fleeing the solar system in flashback, and since
the AW era still had newtypes, it seems pretty likely that the Turn X was
created - using G Gundam-era technology - by spacenoids who had fled the
solar system. (And the mass colony drops of the AW era gave them ample

  Not to mention that the Earth is heavily trashed in Gundam X. The
ravaged planet we see in G Gundam could easily be a legacy of the 7th
Space War, rather than just the Gundam Fight. It would be this
accumulated damage that Master Asia wants to heal with the Devil Gundam,
a task ultimately performed by the Turn A.

  Then, after the Turn A does its trick, the Earth regenerates for 1500
years of relative peace and quiet.

  So where does Gundam Wing fit? This sounds crazy, but I think it might
be pre-UC. There's a living eyewitness to it (Coren Nander, who's been in
cold sleep for centuries), but no other physical evidence or buried
mobile suits. And it's tough to fit it in between UC, AC, FC, and Turn A
eras, which othrwise fit together seamlessly. Given Gundam Wing's close
ties to modern-day cultures, nations, and places, and the fact that it
leaves the Earth in more or less the same condition it found it in - no
colony-fall damage, no intact mobile suits - it's possible that it could
have taken place _before_ the dawn of the UC era. In which case Coren
Nander is millennia old. :-)

  One other possibility: Gundam WIng never took place, but was actually a
TV show inspired by the exploits of the real Gundams. Coren Nander
watched it when he was a kid, and centuries in cold sleep have made him
mistake fantasy for reality. ("Oh yeah, I remember seeing the Wing Zero
beat the hell out of Captain Zeon!")

-- Mark

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