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>Yeah, it's pretty hard to take serious, but it is hilarious as hell. I like
>the episode with the Spirit of cellular phone and other cordless things. It
>nice to see something big and purple that isn't Barney.

Agreed. TiT has had me ROTFLMAO since the first episode ("So, did you forget anything?" "No...why? *eyes grow big*...."Yes, we are very glad you arrived when you did. You see, these beings were just trying to kill us." "" *and death comes to the spirits* Ok, so I'm paraphrasing, but those scenes were just hilarious).

>On Gundam Wing, I'm new to the list and Gundam. I have a couple tapes of
>0083, which I like. Now wait, before the agruments on it start, these tapes
>and Gundam Wing are my only access to the series. I think the store I
>normally buy from in town gets the others but availity is subject to change
>on a daily basis. So my question is: What is the original Gundam series, and
>is it still available on tape(haven't got a DVD player yet, working on it)?

The original series was known as Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam First...or simply Gundam to some. In most places though, you will see it labeled as Mobile Suit Gundam or MSG. This was followed by the second tv series Zeta Gundam, then Gundam Double Zeta (another tv series), Char's Counterattack (a movie)...and from there, I can't remember the order they come out in.

As for availability, the original MSG is supposed to be released next year on dubbed VHS and bilingual DVD (I think). It will also probably be shown on Cartoon Network. They are supposed to be releasing the rest of the UC Gundam series in chronological order from what I understand.


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