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The main problem I have with UC predating Wing is that, as said before, the tech of the other weapons systems (ie, naval ships, tanks, aircraft, etc.) all resemble modern day stuff far more than they do stuff in UC, which doesn't look much like our modern stuff, and the nations of the Earth more closely resemble modern ones.

>> One other possibility: Gundam WIng never took place, but was actually a
>>TV show inspired by the exploits of the real Gundams. Coren Nander
>>watched it when he was a kid, and centuries in cold sleep have made him
>>mistake fantasy for reality. ("Oh yeah, I remember seeing the Wing Zero
>>beat the hell out of Captain Zeon!")
>>-- Mark
>This is actually more plausible if you really want to fit all the timelines
>together. Short of Tomino or the Turn-A staff stating for the record, I
>think all these remain pure speculations based on what little evidence was
>introduced in the TV series, until Sunrise approves and incorporates these
>speculations into their official history/timeline. For now, I remain
>cynical and think all these are just red herrings to keep older fans watching
>so as to get a higher rating.

I like this possibility too. Reminds me of how "Macross: Do You Remember Love?" is a pseudo-fit into the cannon timeline (I say pseudo-fit because the movie we see isn't supposed to QUITE be the one that was mentioned in Macross 7).

Another possibility might be the "Newhart", Wing wasn't even real at all, not even as a movie or tv series. Of all the Gundam shows, it is the most idealic (perhaps discounting the epilogue ep of 08th MS Team) in the end, with all weapons of war being destroyed. Thus, this whole thing was a dream of Coren Nander to try to blot out the real horrors that were the UC wars. After all, maybe only a million or less people died in Wing. Billions die in the UC universe. And in the end, war is done away with.

Of course, I haven't seen Turn A, so I don't really know this person's personality. Just putting forth yet another theory.


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