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> Each Tenchi series is a different continuity. You have the OVA
> one, the first tv series one (Tenchi Universe here in America)
> and then the second tv series one (Tenchi in Tokyo). Add to that
> the three movies (two of which may be set in the Tenchi Universe
> continuity, but that is no set thing with the first movie (which
> was damn good btw), and the second one MIGHT be set in the OVA
> continuity, but you have to explain Kiyone) and the Tenchi manga
> as well (which is at least partially set in the OVA continuity).
> In essence, each different series was there to milk the product
> for what it is worth. And actually, I'm enjoying each one so
> far...although it's often hard to take TiT anywhere near as
> seriously as the previous series or the OVA.
> Roland
Yeah, it's pretty hard to take serious, but it is hilarious as hell. I like
the episode with the Spirit of cellular phone and other cordless things. It
nice to see something big and purple that isn't Barney.
On Gundam Wing, I'm new to the list and Gundam. I have a couple tapes of
0083, which I like. Now wait, before the agruments on it start, these tapes
and Gundam Wing are my only access to the series. I think the store I
normally buy from in town gets the others but availity is subject to change
on a daily basis. So my question is: What is the original Gundam series, and
is it still available on tape(haven't got a DVD player yet, working on it)?

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