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Thu, 7 Sep 2000 13:50:24 -0700

> So where does Gundam Wing fit? This sounds crazy, but I think it might
>be pre-UC.

Crazy indeed - to say that Wing pre-dates U.C. is basically to debunk
all the claims that laid foundation to the technology of the U.C. era,
namely how Minovsky physics would forever change the way warfare is
carried out, a formula that Gundam Wing pretty much follows but did not
explain why people fight in big robots instead of tanks or jets. Why
would people be so surprised when out of nowhere came the Zakus from
Zeon, history's first humanoid combat vehicle. The established timeline
also left little amount of time between our current calendar and the
U.C. calendar (-Z- wrote several essays on this matter) for the universe
of Wing to take shape and then disintegrate to a point where the entire
population forgets the technology AND the existence of mobile suits.

Moreover, the "Shin" Kidou Senki part of Gundam Wing seems to indicate
that it is a new chapter in the Gundam saga that takes place later
in the U.C. timeline, if at all. If it were to predate U.C. then the
"New" in New Mobile War Chronicle is not only unnnecessary but misleading
as well.

Last but not least, one'd need to go back and re-write every instance in
the U.C. saga where it was mentioned that the U.C. calendar was introduced
when people started emigrating to space colonies, never mind that "After
Colony" might have seen the destruction of mobile suits, but people still
lived in space colonies.

> One other possibility: Gundam WIng never took place, but was actually a
>TV show inspired by the exploits of the real Gundams. Coren Nander
>watched it when he was a kid, and centuries in cold sleep have made him
>mistake fantasy for reality. ("Oh yeah, I remember seeing the Wing Zero
>beat the hell out of Captain Zeon!")
>-- Mark

This is actually more plausible if you really want to fit all the timelines
together. Short of Tomino or the Turn-A staff stating for the record, I
think all these remain pure speculations based on what little evidence was
introduced in the TV series, until Sunrise approves and incorporates these
speculations into their official history/timeline. For now, I remain
cynical and think all these are just red herrings to keep older fans watching
so as to get a higher rating.


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