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On Thu, 7 Sep 2000 14:38:34 -0600 "R.J. Barrett" <> wrote:
>I just wish they hadn't screwed with the continity of the series when Tenchi
>in Tokyo came on. My roommate and I watch it and he was gone when TiT
>started. I had to explain some things to him which were different than the
>previous series. I still like it, but why mess with the continity? Gundam
>Wing still confuses me, I try to religious watch it, but I've missed a
>couple episodes.

Each Tenchi series is a different continuity. You have the OVA one, the first tv series one (Tenchi Universe here in America) and then the second tv series one (Tenchi in Tokyo). Add to that the three movies (two of which may be set in the Tenchi Universe continuity, but that is no set thing with the first movie (which was damn good btw), and the second one MIGHT be set in the OVA continuity, but you have to explain Kiyone) and the Tenchi manga as well (which is at least partially set in the OVA continuity). In essence, each different series was there to milk the product for what it is worth. And actually, I'm enjoying each one so far...although it's often hard to take TiT anywhere near as seriously as the previous series or the OVA.


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