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>Roland Thigpen wrote:
>> BGC Tokyo 2040 as well, was not designed for American audiences. It was created to do with the series what the original creators really wanted from the original OAV.
>BS! That's what creators always say when they are milking the cash cow of their past creations. Look at the Star wars special edition... or worse the Phantom menace. Even if it is true, it isn't nessisarily a good thing.

Ah, but the Star Wars Special Edition, except for Han firing his after Greedo, was very well done. The other two didn't need alot of the changes they had, but it did give us a chance to once again experience them in the theater. I will admit that the Phantom Menace needed alot of work. It could have been alot better, but I did enjoy the final lightsaber duel.

As for BGC Tokyo 2040, all I can relate is what I have read in interviews (an issue of Animerica if I recall correctly, don't remember which one though). And in this case, I do believe it is a good thing. I've been wanting to see more BGC, and this series has a story that is a thousand times better than the original. If you don't like it, fine, but don't expect me to agree with you. At least I'm giving it a chance, without overcomparing it to the original. I'm basing my opinion on this series own merits, just like I do each and every Gundam series I see.

>> It's fandom here in America is purely a side effect,
>If I remember correctly, ADV helped finance the bloody thing, just like (the truly awful) Burn up W.

See, I've never seen anything about this until someone on this list mentioned it. And even so, fans of BGC worldwide have been begging for a new series for years now. And I think it is damn good.

>> Of the ones you mentioned, the only one that I know of that had significant American backing was the new Sol Bianca OVA, The Legacy. Pioneer is helping finance and create it.
>---Brett Jensen

What's your point? It was a co-production between both Pioneer Japan and Pioneer USA. Thus, it DID have American backing.


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