Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 7 Sep 2000 13:21:02 -0700

>Richie Ramos wrote:
>> I also think it's a matter of perspective on both audience and
>> cartoon-makers in America. Their culture grew up with the kiddie mentality
>> and the hyperviolent mighty-mouse and Tom &Jerry stuff; not to say that
>> anime isn't violent, but the violence of anime had a certain deliberation
>> and cause to it, not like in some american cartoons where it's simply done
>> for the hell of it. This may be just a bias, I understand, but it's how I
>> feel.

The Tom & Jerry and Looney Tones violence aren't even real, when you've got
animals that walk and talk. Why not compare it to something that features
real human beings like He-Man or G.I. Joe?

>It's called slapstick. Sight gags. American theatrical cartoons are based on
>old vaudeville acts and routines. All that sticks of dynamite and anvils and
>shit is built off that. Many references to old movies and radio shows, too.
>*Not* a kiddie mentality, most of those references would go right by kids who
>weren't aware of them.

Yet they could still appreciate the sight gags nevertheless.


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