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On Wed, 06 Sep 2000 23:50:12 -0700 Brett Jensen <> wrote:
>Chris Maier wrote:
>> I've noticed that a lot of anime
>> designed for the American audience has been pretty cool(American
>> remakes/adaptations of anime are another story though)such as Bubblegum
>> Crisis 2040,
>Hate it. or rather, I just don't like alot of things about it. If it weren't a
>remake of a great show I might look at it differently.

Don't agree. The story is a hundred times better than the actually has a recognizable plot that carries through each episode, rather than that hack job of the original that only partially makes sense...and the last few 2 episodes aren't even really neccessary in the original OVA as it was made. And the characters actually all have personalities now. And Priss looks like I've always thought she should. Yes, the character designs could have been a bit better, but I didn't see El-Hazard until after I saw the first few eps of BGC Tokyo 2040 (btw, loved that reference to El Hazard in yesterday's Tenchi in Tokyo episode on Cartoon Network).

>> Lain,
>Haven't seen it.

Great me a migraine trying to understand it all, but great stuff.

>> and what I've seen of Sol Bianca.
>If you mean the new one It's poorly animated CRAP! the original is about a
>million times better. Blue #6 showed that CG doesn't have to suck, so I don't
>know why they F**ked Sol Bianca up so bad.

Again, don't agree. The pan & scan stuff is very irritating admittedly, but the story is very good for the 4 eps I've seen so far (the original first OVA was ok, but far too short). Additionally, I thought the CGI in this was several hundred times better than what we see in Blue Submarine #6. At least the animation and the CGI blend together better in Sol Bianca than they do in BS6.

I was not impressed with BS6 at all. I'll get the rest of it from Cartoon Network in October. I'll continue to get the DVDs of Sol Bianca.

>Lets not forget what "really" happens when a show is made with the US in mind,
>we get stuff like the truly craptacular Burn up W.
>---Brett Jensen

I don't know. BUW has its moments. Granted, it ain't worth $20 a tape or more though.


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