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Thu, 7 Sep 2000 13:06:58 -0700

>Help!!!!!! Translators assist us!!!!! The codes are here:
>If you can translate these, do it for the group!!! ( heh heh heh....)

Why you gaming freak, here ya go:

Column 1 (single entry): Your Side

Column 2 (Column 3 is the corresponding code):

- Max out total amount of money owned

- Max out total amount of resources owned

- Max out total amount of income per turn

- (not sure about this) Max out income from occupied bases

- Max out total amount of income from trading/commercial activities

- Max out total production

- Max out production at bases

- Max out production from trading/commercial activities

- Basic Technology Level Max

- MS Technology Level Max

- MA Technology Level Max

- Enemy Technology Level Max (Not 100% sure about this one)

The second part are the reverse for the enemy's site, zeroing everything
instead of maxing them out, in the same order.


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