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<< So where does Gundam Wing fit? This sounds crazy, but I think it might
 be pre-UC. There's a living eyewitness to it (Coren Nander, who's been in
 cold sleep for centuries), but no other physical evidence or buried
 mobile suits. And it's tough to fit it in between UC, AC, FC, and Turn A
 eras, which othrwise fit together seamlessly. Given Gundam Wing's close
 ties to modern-day cultures, nations, and places, and the fact that it
 leaves the Earth in more or less the same condition it found it in - no
 colony-fall damage, no intact mobile suits - it's possible that it could
 have taken place _before_ the dawn of the UC era. In which case Coren
 Nander is millennia old. :-)
   One other possibility: Gundam WIng never took place, but was actually a
 TV show inspired by the exploits of the real Gundams. Coren Nander
 watched it when he was a kid, and centuries in cold sleep have made him
 mistake fantasy for reality. ("Oh yeah, I remember seeing the Wing Zero
 beat the hell out of Captain Zeon!") >>

   To be honest, I like both of the above. Although, I would like to see GW
as part of Gundam's "real" universe, but GW being a TV show *in* the Gundam
universe is a more unique and creative idea, so I like that better. I know
little about it, but have you figured in the G-Unit comic from Bom Bom
magazine into this?


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