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Wed, 06 Sep 2000 23:50:12 -0700

Chris Maier wrote:

> I've noticed that a lot of anime
> designed for the American audience has been pretty cool(American
> remakes/adaptations of anime are another story though)such as Bubblegum
> Crisis 2040,

Hate it. or rather, I just don't like alot of things about it. If it weren't a
remake of a great show I might look at it differently.

> Lain,

Haven't seen it.

> and what I've seen of Sol Bianca.

If you mean the new one It's poorly animated CRAP! the original is about a
million times better. Blue #6 showed that CG doesn't have to suck, so I don't
know why they F**ked Sol Bianca up so bad.

Lets not forget what "really" happens when a show is made with the US in mind,
we get stuff like the truly craptacular Burn up W.

---Brett Jensen

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