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Richie Ramos wrote:

> I also think it's a matter of perspective on both audience and
> cartoon-makers in America. Their culture grew up with the kiddie mentality
> and the hyperviolent mighty-mouse and Tom &Jerry stuff; not to say that
> anime isn't violent, but the violence of anime had a certain deliberation
> and cause to it, not like in some american cartoons where it's simply done
> for the hell of it. This may be just a bias, I understand, but it's how I
> feel.

It's called slapstick. Sight gags. American theatrical cartoons are based on
old vaudeville acts and routines. All that sticks of dynamite and anvils and
shit is built off that. Many references to old movies and radio shows, too.
*Not* a kiddie mentality, most of those references would go right by kids who
weren't aware of them. Are there a lot of 6-7 minute anime cartoons? I'm not
aware of them. Try telling the story of Snow White in 7 minutes to a jazz beat
and come out with something other than Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarves,
probably Bob Clampett's best cartoon. So, comparing American cartoons to anime
is like comparing Americans to Japanese.


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