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> Tell me about it...I mean, take the current monoply has over the American
>animation industry. Disney's been making the same movie for years, just
>based on a different legend/folktale. The only original stuff coming from
>Disney these days is Pixar, and they're not really part of Disney after
>all(If they were, they would have done Dinosaur, but instead Disney went on
>by themselves) Disney is working on a new film like Atlantis which
>apparentally will be more grown-up, but knowing how they screwed up
>Dinosaur, I wouldn't have my hopes up. And of course Titan A.E tried to be
>more adult, but let's face it, it was still aimed at kids 12-15 really.
>Butts and blood does not make something more 'mature'. A good story does.
> Plus, I'm not fond of most American animation aesthetically either. It's
>overanimation. I prefer the more relaxed movement of anime characters to the
>flappiness of Looney Tunes and Disney.

I also think it's a matter of perspective on both audience and
cartoon-makers in America. Their culture grew up with the kiddie mentality
and the hyperviolent mighty-mouse and Tom &Jerry stuff; not to say that
anime isn't violent, but the violence of anime had a certain deliberation
and cause to it, not like in some american cartoons where it's simply done
for the hell of it. This may be just a bias, I understand, but it's how I

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