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Yeah, I think I might have misinterpeted that. But anyway, there seems to be
a greater empasis on co-produced OAVs these days between the two countries.
Thankfully, however, these animations still are animeish enough. As I
recall, Bubblegum Crisis 2040 was actually bought by ADV and some of their
money actually funded the project. The same soon might be true of Tenchi
Muyo; Tenchi hasn't been profitable lately, but AIC says they are
considering a third OAV series if the series becoming popular in America.
With lead-ins like DBZ and GW, Tenchi stands a pretty good chance
ratings-wise, but a lot of the merchandise they're making for it doesn't
look too good(some really hidieous looking figurines and action figures).
All the other animes on CN also have a large amount of Japanese merchandise,
but the amount of Japanese merchandise for Tenchi is rather slim-mostly
plush UFO catcher dolls, apart from the usual stuff like wall scrolls, CDs,
and video games. But Tenchi isn't as marketable as it's cohorts.

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> Is Fanboy Entertainment reliable? BTW, I've noticed that a lot of anime
> designed for the American audience has been pretty cool(American
> remakes/adaptations of anime are another story though)such as Bubblegum
> Crisis 2040, Lain,

I don't think that at least Lain was meant for american audiences... in
fact, in an interview with one of the producers I read in animerica ( or ?..
one of the bigger anime mags) they said something to the effect of "we
make this anime for americans, probably no american will get it, and we
care" which I thought was kind of shitty, but it doesn't diminish how much
like that particular series..

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