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 Tell me about it...I mean, take the current monoply has over the American
animation industry. Disney's been making the same movie for years, just
based on a different legend/folktale. The only original stuff coming from
Disney these days is Pixar, and they're not really part of Disney after
all(If they were, they would have done Dinosaur, but instead Disney went on
by themselves) Disney is working on a new film like Atlantis which
apparentally will be more grown-up, but knowing how they screwed up
Dinosaur, I wouldn't have my hopes up. And of course Titan A.E tried to be
more adult, but let's face it, it was still aimed at kids 12-15 really.
Butts and blood does not make something more 'mature'. A good story does.
 Plus, I'm not fond of most American animation aesthetically either. It's
overanimation. I prefer the more relaxed movement of anime characters to the
flappiness of Looney Tunes and Disney.

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> As long as it's totally Japanese made, a tailored for the American
> Gundam *should* be okay.

 see, I don't think so. it's not entirely the american animation companies'
fault that american carottns mostly suck - it's the american audience's
expectations for animation as well. and with the crap that the majority of
the american public seems to like (which is the only thing I have to
as "what americans want") I don't want to see that at all

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