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Well, as a former officer of Her Majesty's Royal Scots Highlanders, I must
say that the kilts were bloody uncomfortable. I just wanted to say that.

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>-Z- wrote:
> >
> > The first thing I needed to know was what the Mackenzie tartan looked
>like. It
> > turns out that there are two tartans, one for everyday use and one for
> > ceremonial use, the latter restricted to clan functions, so it wouldn't
>be seen
> > in military Highland regalia. For all intents and purposes, then, if
> > chose to wear Highland regalia at a Federation military function, it'd
>be the
> > regular tartan.
> Only the British (and colonies) would send men into battle wearing
>wool skirts :P. Although these days even in the Scots Guard and Black
>(there aren't many Scottish regiments left because the army that once
>had to
>police an empire and keep restless antiuves in line have been growing
>smaller and smaller as Britian lost her empire and the memories are
>fading) usually are inclined to dress their men in DPM and only keep
>distinctive headgear (or at least beret badges/crests). Jions probably
>appreciate bagpipes (in any variation) nor the cermemonial
>occasions where officers have a basket hilt and show off their manual
> Feds seem to favor a khaki/tan uniform which is actually fairly
>decent although I would have stuck with an olive drab myself (no such
>as perfect camo although who knows maybe the Jions perfer to wear the
>SS pattern which seems to be somewhat resurrected as German flecktarn
>to the Bundewehr chagrin).
> Mad Mike
>"How lucky you English are to find the toilet so amusing. For us, it
>is a mundane and
>functional item. For you, the basis of an entire culture." Black Adder
>Goes Forth
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