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On Thu, 7 Sep 2000 08:40:30 -0400 Chris Maier <> wrote:
>Is Fanboy Entertainment reliable? BTW, I've noticed that a lot of anime
>designed for the American audience has been pretty cool(American
>remakes/adaptations of anime are another story though)such as Bubblegum
>Crisis 2040, Lain, and what I've seen of Sol Bianca. The first one actually
>wasn't a giant hit in Japan, but became immensely popular here in America
>when Animego brought it here, pretty much starting the fourth generation of
>anime fandom(1st generation-Astro Boy, Speed Racer, etc. Second
>Generation-Voltron, Star Blazers, 3rd wave-Robotech and Streamline
>products)in the US, and paving the way for more companies to get into the
>anime game. Hence, BGC2040 was designed with an American audience in mind.
> I wonder how FTB will work out?

Um, Serial Experiments Lain was designed solely with Japanese audiences in mind. That is why it is so confusing for most Americans. Too many Japanese-only overtones in it that due to cultural differences, we simply don't understand. In an interview with the director and a couple others high on the staff, this was revealed. In fact, they didn't expect Lain to have any kind of fan base in America.

BGC Tokyo 2040 as well, was not designed for American audiences. It was created to do with the series what the original creators really wanted from the original OAV. It's fandom here in America is purely a side effect, and mostly a result of the original OAV being popular over here. Oh, and Animeigo does not have anything to do with Tokyo 2040. ADV is doing that one here. Animeigo is only associated with the original BGC OAVs.

Of the ones you mentioned, the only one that I know of that had significant American backing was the new Sol Bianca OVA, The Legacy. Pioneer is helping finance and create it.

As for Robotech, of course it is designed for Americans. Robotech (the story) was an American invention using footage from three Japanese anime series. So, the Japanese would have no reason to create their own Robotech, unless the storyline caught on over there.


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