Thu, 07 Sep 2000 06:02:29 -0700

James Gority wrote:
> Hi All,
> Quick question, does anybody know of, or has converted any tabletop
> miniature based games to the Gundam Universe, i.e. something along the
> lines of BattleTech or Heavy Gear?
> Thanks,
> Jim G.

I have one for the OYW era that can be used with either 1/144 scale
models or the MSiA figures (or even 1/100 scale if you have the
room...). I just ran it recently (last weekend!) at a game convention
here in Los Angeles as an event. Everyone seemed to like it. I even
sold a few copies. Let me know if you want more info - you can e-mail
me directly or through the list.

        Trevor in California

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