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Is Fanboy Entertainment reliable? BTW, I've noticed that a lot of anime
designed for the American audience has been pretty cool(American
remakes/adaptations of anime are another story though)such as Bubblegum
Crisis 2040, Lain, and what I've seen of Sol Bianca. The first one actually
wasn't a giant hit in Japan, but became immensely popular here in America
when Animego brought it here, pretty much starting the fourth generation of
anime fandom(1st generation-Astro Boy, Speed Racer, etc. Second
Generation-Voltron, Star Blazers, 3rd wave-Robotech and Streamline
products)in the US, and paving the way for more companies to get into the
anime game. Hence, BGC2040 was designed with an American audience in mind.
 I wonder how FTB will work out?

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As previously mentioned (08/31/00) the english Newtype website has a preview
of the new Gundam story that will begin in the November issue of Newtype
Magazine. For The Barel is inspired by the Mobile Suit Gundam novels vol
1-3. The novels, written by Yoshiyuki Tomino's, differ from the Gundam
movies significantly.

The new manga will be supervised by Gichi Ohtsuka and features mechanical
designs by Junji Ohkubo, as well as character designs by
Shigeto Koyama.

While based on Yoshiyuki Tomino's original novels, For The Barel promices to
tell the story of the original 1 year war from a very new perspective.

Pictures from For The Barrel, as well as descriptions of the main characters
and the story are available
on the Newtype Website.

Previous reports were unclear as to whether or not For The Barel would be
eventually produced as an Anime. However, Fanboy Entertainment is reporting
that For The Barel will indeed be animated and that production on the Anime
seems to have already begun.

Fanboy goes on to state that this updated retelling may just be the long
rumored new Gundam anime that is to be animated specifically for the United


So what does this tell us? Not much more. We know, at the very least, its a
manga series and most likely will be an animated series. That's to be
expected. Right now my biggest fear is that they cater this series too much
to American viewers and tone things down a notch ... I'd be surprised if
they did, considering how important Gundam is to Bandai in Japan, but one
has to wonder........

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