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> Just finished Gundam EW for the 4th time, still awesome!
> I have some questions, though...

sure, shoot.

> 1) At the end, when the Gundam pilots weren't willing to
> kill Marimea's troops, wasn't their "noble" peace effort
> become kind of moot when Heero and Wing Zero appear and
> just Buster Rifle everyone to hell?!

Duo, Quatre and Trowa didn't sem to have to "no-killing"
onbjective in mind, but considering the "example" showed by
Zechs and Noin, they followed. Heero on the other hand was
somewhere underwater...

> 2) I have read in some places that Dorothy Catalonia
> appears in the EW movie version, and she's sort of a good
> guy, not at all like the psycho who stabbed Quatre, can
> anyone confirm this?

She is technically one of the good guys now (her gold limo
was replaced by a gold truck or something...). She is
actually the person who rallies up the citizens who are
later backed by Wufei in the Nataku.

> 3) Speaking of which, who was the "leader" of the
> Gundams? Heero or Quatre? My take is that, Quatre was
> pretty much the leader of Duo and Trowa, but Heero and Wu
> Fei pretty much did whatever they wanted..

No real leader actually, its just that they all had similar
objectives and they found it easier to be helping each
other out. And upon realizing the truth behind op-meteor,
they appear to have become more appreciative of each
other... in more ways than one.

> 4) Does anyone here think Lady Une may resent Wu Fei for
> killing Treize?

It appears that she harbors no anger against Wufei, though
it was never detailed though... also, one kinda wonders
what her real reaction is upon knowing that Trieze had a
child.... ^_^

> 5) Wasn't it a bit convenient that Relena sent Zechs out
> into space before he and Heero could get re-acquainted?!
> (ha ha)

Very convenient. Not only for Relena, but for her big bro
as well, a little time out alone with Noin might prove to
be more satisfying than having Mr. Yuy "stalking" you.
(well, he wasn't stalking, just looking after)

> 6) Is it just me, or is all of Gundam Wing and EW devoid
> of on-screen romance?! Unless I fell asleep, I saw not a
> single kiss in the entire series. What's up with that? Of
> course you can make the argument that they're all just
> kids... but then again Turn A has kids, too, and there's
> some romance in that series. Is there another Gundam
> series out there with no on-screen romance??

Despite the oh-so-many pairings, there are none that I know

> 7) Though there are no apparent m/f relationships in
> Wing, there are a lot of implied or hinted ones, or so I
> believe. Feel free to speak your mind on these
> "relationships," imagined or real?

Duo & Hilde - obvious pairing, they get together in the
end. Theres a high possibility that thier relationship is
more on romantic.

Trowa & Catherine - siblings.

Quatre & Dorothy - they had this weird thing going in the
series, but what on earth happened?

Wufei & Sally - other than the fact that Sally asked him to
be a preventer, I don't se much that would link these two.
Wufei is also a married man.

Zechs & Noin - they obviously like each other (DUH! ^_^)

Heero & Relena - he's still looking after her in the
Preventer 5 epilogue.... I wonder why....

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