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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >Yes that's right. It saves time when you have to abandon ship in a hurry.
> > If I were captain, I would also request that the ship be decompressorized
> >(sp?) before combat in case of a hull breach, this will prevent any of the
> >crew from being sucked out in to space.
> This actually makes sense. the problem would be the air supply hoses to the
> normal suits though...I mean, would it be that everyone has their own tanks?
> that would be unwieldy.
then again you don't see the White Base crew trailing air-hoses behind
them.. prehaps instead of full-blown airtanks they have some sort of CO2
scrubber/air-recycler built into the suits or in smaller backpacks.
wouldn't last as long as the tanks but could get you through most combat
sorties and/or last long enough to get you to the nearest air-supply


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