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> << see, I don't think so. it's not entirely the american animation
> companies'
> fault that american carottns mostly suck - it's the american audience's
> expectations for animation as well. and with the crap that the majority of
> the american public seems to like (which is the only thing I have to
> consider
> as "what americans want") I don't want to see that at all >>
> Oh, I see excatly what you mean. You make an excellent point.
> Aaron

Apparently many Americans like Pokemon and Gundam Wing, too. You may have a
point there.


"They could also have included all the Pink's you could eat, an
 interactive Kirk hologram and a Mayflower truck full of Asian whores,
 and you'd STILL find a way to complain about work non-stop."

- Crom, on Clu's bemoaning a lost contract opportunity at Disney

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