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<< I don't think we'd be looking at an amercanized Gundam, but one tailored
 for the american audience. I don't think american producers will be
 harrassing Bandai or Sunrise about how to make it, although the title may
 get a change for recognizablitly (Gundam : For The Barrel, for instance). >>

 As long as it's totally Japanese made, a tailored for the American audience
Gundam *should* be okay. I don't see the For the Barrel mecha that's shown on
the NewType site appealing to American people. The more I think over it, I am
pretty sure that the machining skin is like a Zaku or something, as to me,
that machining skin isn't impressive enough to be a Gundam, because Gundam's
are usually a one of a kind or five of a kind in GW's case, prototype robot.


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