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Mark Simmons wrote:
> Sumisawa's concept of bloodless warfare strikes me as kind of inane anyway
> - it's just as sanitized as the mobile dolls his characters condemn.

        Killing is the ultimate simplification of life because you no longer
want to exist. War is state sanctioned murder and mayhem; there's a
interest in the national leadership that a group, a people, a nation,
those representing the former entities be destroyed and often in a
magnificent and grotesque manner.
        War is supposed to be terrible. It's supposed to produce corpses
and the mained. Dead, crippled, blind, armless, legless, and the
are the end products when men face men and decide to kill each other
or die in the process.

> At any rate, Dorothy's role in the Endless Waltz movie is to urge the
> common people to take responsibility for peace, working for it themselves
> instead of relying on the Gundams to do it for them. (Which is at least
> consistent with her position at the end of the TV series.) She instigates
> the pitchfork-wielding mob that shows up with Wufei at the end of the
> battle, representing the Will of the Common People for True Peace.

        That's one of the first persons to shoot IMNSHO. Anybody who claims
represent their doing or represent the will of the common folk should
planning something that will make people's lives miserable, b)doing to
fatten their own wallets or c)both.

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