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> The first thing I needed to know was what the Mackenzie tartan looked like. It
> turns out that there are two tartans, one for everyday use and one for
> ceremonial use, the latter restricted to clan functions, so it wouldn't be seen
> in military Highland regalia. For all intents and purposes, then, if Chris
> chose to wear Highland regalia at a Federation military function, it'd be the
> regular tartan.

        Only the British (and colonies) would send men into battle wearing
wool skirts :P. Although these days even in the Scots Guard and Black
(there aren't many Scottish regiments left because the army that once
had to
police an empire and keep restless antiuves in line have been growing
smaller and smaller as Britian lost her empire and the memories are
fading) usually are inclined to dress their men in DPM and only keep
distinctive headgear (or at least beret badges/crests). Jions probably
appreciate bagpipes (in any variation) nor the cermemonial
occasions where officers have a basket hilt and show off their manual
        Feds seem to favor a khaki/tan uniform which is actually fairly
decent although I would have stuck with an olive drab myself (no such
as perfect camo although who knows maybe the Jions perfer to wear the
SS pattern which seems to be somewhat resurrected as German flecktarn
to the Bundewehr chagrin).

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