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ya know, i'm in other mailing lists for other animes,
and a lot of other people try to tie the anime into
real life, i really don't see why, i mean i'm
obsessive, but not THAT obsessive.

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> Chris Mackenzie of Gundam 0080 appears to be
> representative of her clan.
> I started researching the Clan Mackenzie for a
> Gundam pastiche that I may get
> around to writing one of these days, following Chris
> through the next decade and
> introducing a new character who partners with her
> circa UC 0085. I decided
> early on that I should know more about her family,
> which meant knowing more
> about her ancestors, whch led me to the history of
> Clan Mackenzie.
> The first thing I needed to know was what the
> Mackenzie tartan looked like. It
> turns out that there are two tartans, one for
> everyday use and one for
> ceremonial use, the latter restricted to clan
> functions, so it wouldn't be seen
> in military Highland regalia. For all intents and
> purposes, then, if Chris
> chose to wear Highland regalia at a Federation
> military function, it'd be the
> regular tartan. This consists of a forest green and
> sky/sea blue background
> overlaid with white and red pinstripes, the colors
> denoting freedom, fairness,
> purity, honor and courage.
> You'll find a wealth of information at three Web
> sites:
> Clan MacKenzie
> Clan Mackenzie Society of Scotland & the UK
> and
> Clan Mackenzie Society in the Americas
> There are some interesting omissions on all of these
> sites, not the least of
> which is that they only note the abbreviated form of
> the clan's motto that
> appears on the badge. The full text of the
> Mackenzie motto is "Virtute et
> valare luceo non uro" (By virtue and valor I shine
> not burn).
> The other is that, while they detail the history of
> the clan in Scotland, little
> is said about the widespread settlement of
> clanmembers around the world and
> their impact in exploration during the Age of
> Discovery. There were, for
> example, Mackenzies in Nova Scotia as early as 1666
> and one need only look at a
> map of Canada to see how far they spread across the
> continent -- the Mackenzie
> River, Mackenzie Bay, Mackenzie Delta, Mackenzie
> Mountains, Mackenzie Valley and
> Mackenzie Highway were all named for Sir Alexander
> Mackenzie (1764?-1820,
> knighted 1802), who explored from Great Slave Lake
> to the Arctic Ocean in 1789.
> The Mackenzie clan is less well represented in
> Australia, mainly because most of
> the early colonists were transportees exiled from
> Britain for various crimes.
> There were Mackenzies in the Highland regiments sent
> to guard those colonists,
> however, and a good many settled there, by a stroke
> of irony, in Campbelltown,
> named for the Mackenzie clan's hereditary enemies,
> the Campbell clan, whose
> majority may account for the lack of landmarks
> bearing the Mackenzie name.
> I was also interested to discover that one variation
> of the Mackenzie name is
> McKenney, which, as noted in an early post, was used
> as a pseudonym by Brian
> Daley and James Luceno when they wrote the Robotech
> novelizations for Ballantine
> Del Rey.
> It's nice to be able to tie anything in Gundam to
> the real world, but most
> especially when the actual past history seems to
> connect thematically with the
> fictional extrapolations.
> -Z-
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