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Chris Mackenzie of Gundam 0080 appears to be representative of her clan.

I started researching the Clan Mackenzie for a Gundam pastiche that I may get
around to writing one of these days, following Chris through the next decade and
introducing a new character who partners with her circa UC 0085. I decided
early on that I should know more about her family, which meant knowing more
about her ancestors, whch led me to the history of Clan Mackenzie.

The first thing I needed to know was what the Mackenzie tartan looked like. It
turns out that there are two tartans, one for everyday use and one for
ceremonial use, the latter restricted to clan functions, so it wouldn't be seen
in military Highland regalia. For all intents and purposes, then, if Chris
chose to wear Highland regalia at a Federation military function, it'd be the
regular tartan. This consists of a forest green and sky/sea blue background
overlaid with white and red pinstripes, the colors denoting freedom, fairness,
purity, honor and courage.

You'll find a wealth of information at three Web sites:

Clan MacKenzie

Clan Mackenzie Society of Scotland & the UK


Clan Mackenzie Society in the Americas

There are some interesting omissions on all of these sites, not the least of
which is that they only note the abbreviated form of the clan's motto that
appears on the badge. The full text of the Mackenzie motto is "Virtute et
valare luceo non uro" (By virtue and valor I shine not burn).

The other is that, while they detail the history of the clan in Scotland, little
is said about the widespread settlement of clanmembers around the world and
their impact in exploration during the Age of Discovery. There were, for
example, Mackenzies in Nova Scotia as early as 1666 and one need only look at a
map of Canada to see how far they spread across the continent -- the Mackenzie
River, Mackenzie Bay, Mackenzie Delta, Mackenzie Mountains, Mackenzie Valley and
Mackenzie Highway were all named for Sir Alexander Mackenzie (1764?-1820,
knighted 1802), who explored from Great Slave Lake to the Arctic Ocean in 1789.

The Mackenzie clan is less well represented in Australia, mainly because most of
the early colonists were transportees exiled from Britain for various crimes.
There were Mackenzies in the Highland regiments sent to guard those colonists,
however, and a good many settled there, by a stroke of irony, in Campbelltown,
named for the Mackenzie clan's hereditary enemies, the Campbell clan, whose
majority may account for the lack of landmarks bearing the Mackenzie name.

I was also interested to discover that one variation of the Mackenzie name is
McKenney, which, as noted in an early post, was used as a pseudonym by Brian
Daley and James Luceno when they wrote the Robotech novelizations for Ballantine
Del Rey.

It's nice to be able to tie anything in Gundam to the real world, but most
especially when the actual past history seems to connect thematically with the
fictional extrapolations.


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